Tristan Technologies was first created in 1991 by former principals of San Diego superconducting companies Biomagnetic Technologies (BTi) and S.H.E. Corporation.

    Tristan’s strength is in the design and manufacture of laboratory and custom SQUID systems. Tristan’s standard product line of SQUID instrumentation is the widest available for scientific laboratory applications. Custom SQUID magnetometers supplied by Tristan personnel include the first commercial high temperature SQUID magnetometer and gradiometer, liquid helium scanning SQUID microscopes with 2 µm resolution (the world’s first magnetic microscope) and 100+ channel biomagnetometers for medical applications.

주소: 14048  경기도 안양시 동안구 시민대로 161 안양무역센터 1101호   (431-050   경기도 안양시 동안구 비산동 1107번지 안양무역센터 1101호)

전화: 031-451-5600   /   팩스: 031-451-5605   /   이메일: 

상호: 주식회사 에스크     대표: 김홍길     사업자등록번호: 214-87-13973

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